Welcome to the Endacott Society Web

Celebration of members age 90 and over.
July 25, 2018
Photos by Alan Swarts

The Endacott Society, which meets at the Adams Alumni Center, is a program of the Kansas University Alumni Association. Created in 1983, the Society now boasts more than 400 members. Society members are retired university faculty, staff and spouses, and retirees from other higher education institutions.  Single memberships are $25 per year and joint (couples) memberships are $30 per year. Annual dues include membership in the University of Kansas Alumni Association.

An informative brochure is available.
Link to: Endacott Society Brochure.

We basically have 3 goals: Have fun, support each other, and try to learn something.
The Endacott Society Groups/Activities meet on First Floor of the Adams Alumni Center.
The Society has about 400 members and about 100 are very active.
A dozen Study Groups meet weekly or monthly.

Ready to try us? We meet at the Alumni Center at 10a.m. every Wednesday  Retirees are invited to share fellowship with us.

Ready to join? Link to: Join the Endacott Society
Select “Retired Faculty/Endacott Society” Single or Joint.

Note that this web site links to information about our Bylaws, our officers, and our history. You can also check out the extensive study groups available to our members. Click on one of the options in the black menu bar under our header logo above.

iPhone panorama of the Ten O’Clock Scholars – Nov. 14, 2012

Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Questions? Email us at endacottsociety@ku.edu
or call us at: 785-864-9761 (leave a message)

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