About Us

We are organization of approximately 400 university retirees and spouses. We meet regularly at the Adams Alumni Center for recreation and study.Prof. William Griffith wrote the following in 1998:

“The K.U. Retirees Club (now called the Endacott Society), in every sense, is a gift of the Endacott family. Paul Endacott conceived the idea, planned and described the project in exquisite detail, and he, and his wife Lucille, and the  members of their families – individually and collectively through the Endacott Foundation – made multiple gifts that brought it to reality. To our best knowledge, it is an organization that is unique among universities in the country.”

In 1977 Paul Endacott presented a detailed plan to the KU Endowment Association for the creation of a KU Retirees Club. In 1981 former Chancellor, Ray Nichols, assumed responsibility for leading a committee to organize the Retirees Club which would occupy the main floor of the Adams Alumni Center when it was completed in 1983. The planning committee created the structure and bylaws of the Club with Ray Nichols as our first president. Club members met for coffee for the first time at the Alumni Center in September 1983.

About Paul Endacott

Paul S. Endacott 7-13-1902 to 1-8-1997
Basketball Star 1921-23
K.U. Civil Engineering ’23
First K.U. Honor Award ’24
Phillips Petroleum 1923-67
President 1951-62
Board Vice Chair 1962-67

Paul Endacott started funding a retirees idea in 1966. In 1977 he presented a 60-page Action “Plan”. The Endacott Society was founded in 1981 as “K.U. Retirees’ Club”. The name was changed to honor Endacott in 1999. The Endacott Family gave over $1M for the creation of the Retirees Club.

About the Adams Alumni Center

The K.S. “Boots” Adams Alumni Center, Opened in 1983
Adams graduated from KU in 1921, and was Phillips Petroleum CEO 1948-64.

First Floor rooms are laid out as planned by Paul Endacott.

University of Kansas Alumni Association offices are on the Third Floor.

Email us at: endacottsociety@ku.edu