Eagle Statue

(Narration by Pat Miller)


Original Location: U.S. Highway 40 just north of the intersection with highway 32 near the
Douglas/Leavenworth County line (the pedestal still remains)
Dedication: May 27, 1929
Casting date: 1920 (KU’s eagle was the second one cast in the nation)
Cost: approximately $1,300
Casting consultants: Dr. Thomas F. Roberts, University of Minnesota, Dr. Otto Widman, St. Louis (both were ornithologists)
Foundry: not recorded
Sculpture height: four feet
Wingspan: seven feet six inches
Present location: outside the main entrance of Dyche
Museum remounting construction: KU Facilities Operations, Joe Christy, foreman and stonecutter
Pedestal height: nine feet
Pedestal materials: limestone, rubble coursed
Surrounding wall: cut limestone

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