Historic Walk

This suggested walk and map were not part of the original book.

The yellow line indicates a route that will take walkers past most of the historic sites identified in the book. Click a highlighted building name below to link.

A1. Begin at the Memorial Union on Jayhawk Boulevard.
B2. Walk south to view the Victory Eagle
C3. And Dyche Hall
D4. Spooner Hall is across the street east
E5. Continue on to the Jimmy Green Statue
F6. In front of Lippincott Hall
G7. Walk southeast across the street to Danforth Chapel
H8. Continue south to Watkins & Miller Scholarship Halls
I9. Walk east between the halls down the hill to the University Guest House
J10 Continue south and up the hill to the Chancellor’s House
K11. Walk towards Fraser Hall to the Pioneer Statue
L12. Walk west past Twente Hall
M13. Continue west past Watson Library
N14. Just past Watson head south down the hill past the Power Plant
O15. Continue on to Watkins Home
P16. Walk southwest then west to the Hall Center/old Facilities Storage
Q17. Walk north past Facilities Office
R18. And up the hill to Stauffer-Flint
S19. Continue north to Bailey Hall
T20. Walk west past Strong Hall
U21. Cross the street and walk past Hoch/Budig
V22. And on to Marvin Hall
W23. Backtrack east past Snow Hall
X24. Head north between Snow and Strong down the hill to the Campanile
Y25. Note Memorial Stadium down the hill from the Campanile.
Z26. Use the path to head west past Potter Lake
27. Head up the hill past Carruth-O’Leary and on north to Sudler House

This route does not pass Corbin Hall dormitory or Pioneer Cemetery.

The route below is approximately 1.6 miles and will take approximately 45 minutes.


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